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Unparalleled Legal Support

Legal Research & Writing

Paralex specializes in giving you the cases and authority you need to win your arguments in court.

Litigation Support

Paralex provides you with the support you need to win your case.

Public Records Search

Gathering information on defendants, locating witnesses, or finding necessary parties.

Specialized Practice Areas

With years of experience in different areas of law, Paralex can assist you.

Legal Technology

Paralex installs the network and hardware you need to stay cutting edge.

For Non-attorneys and Pro se litigants

The Legal Information You Need


Find a Lawyer

Sometimes you need an attorney to protect your rights. Paralex can help you find the lawyer you need.


Getting divorced can be traumatic, but it doesn’t have to be. Find out how to handle an uncontested divorce without divorce lawyers.

Wills & Trusts

Be sure the bounty of your life’s work goes only to chosen loved ones. Learn to set up your will and trust in any state.

With exceptional litigation support, excellence in legal research and writing, and proficiency in the essential technologies needed in today’s competitive legal climate, Paralex gives your firm the support to compete, and win, against even the largest firms.

Our Team

Phil Ruth

Lead Researcher

David Kramer

Project Manager/Network Engineer

Juan Johnson

Web Developer


Paralex has the services you need, when you need them.



With Paralex on the case, your firm can accomplish more, at a net cost savings for you and your client.



Paralex provides your firm with well-written, meritorious arguments, containing only the strongest and most up-to-date authorities.

What Our Clients Say About Our Services

I have employed Paralex, and it’s Sr. Research Paralegal, Phillip Ruth, to research complex legal issues for settlement negotiations and dispositive motions. I’ve been in practice for 30 years, and have considerable writing experience, but reached out to Paralex due to time constraints. Phil’s writing style is deliberate and organized, and his research is thorough, so little or no revisions have been required. He has also performed excellent work under demanding time constraints. I strongly recommend his services.

Mark Hammer | Criminal Defense Lawyer

I have relied on Paralex for the past five years to do legal research, draft motions, draft memorandums of law, draft appellate briefs, answer procedural questions, outline oral arguments, research causes of action, and evaluate my legal arguments. I am a solo practitioner and I am not sure how I would get along without Paralex’s continual and wide range of litigation support they provide me. Using Paralex in my practice has not only been cost effective for my clients, but extremely important to succeeding in my cases.

Micheal T. George | Esquire

I have been a solo practitioner in the St. Louis area focusing in probate administration/litigation and estate planning for over five years now. With an active client base but not big firm resource, I rely on Paralex, LLC, for all of my legal research. Paralex is timely, reasonably priced, available when I need them, supplies great summaries with the underlying sources and friendly. I recommend Paralex, LLC.

Jeffrey Duke | Duke Legal LLC

I have been a litigator since 1967 and for the past 25 years have specialized in complex civil litigation which requires skilled analytic, research and writing skills. For a good portion of that time I was a Senior Partner in a large FELA litigation firm which was blessed to have two top notch, full-time research and writing attorneys whose support was vital to our success. In the recent past I have functioned as an individual practitioner but have remained engaged in complex civil litigation. My ability to stay active in this field has been made possible only because of the excellent support I receive from ParaLex and Phil Ruth. Phil has been a lifesaver to me by allowing me remain engaged in this highly technical and demanding type of practice.

Robert H. Wendt | The Wendt Law Firm

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